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Greetings visitor!

Welcome to the land of the 1, the 2 and the boo. Yea, I know - the domain doesn't really make a whole lot of sense, especially not if you consider the content here. Or rather the lack of actual content. It truly has been my intention to setup a proper website here for ages, perhaps even a blog, but for some odd reason I never get around to actually doing it. So instead you get this half-baked attempt, which really is just a link dump.

I'm a charming fellow, no?

I could go on to some length about my skills (however few they are), accomplishments (even fewer), hobbies (plenty!) and interests (+plenty!), but I already do that on various other outlets, so instead lets go straight to the link dump:

google.com/+ThomasLÝcke - my Google+ Home
Google+ is freaking amazing. Dead simple to use, and I can liberate my data whenever I feel like it. Integration with my smartphone is excellent and it's a joy to use. Social media done right. Thumbs up Google!
My YouTube Home
Occasionally I do a video about this or that. It's a rare thing, since I pretty much suck at it.
My FSFE Blog
I joined the FSFE after having read an article about yet another braindead piece of legislation done by our clueless politicians (I think it was about some DNS censorship scheme), and in return for joining you get a nifty smartcard, an FSFE emailaddress and a blog. I wont claim I'm the most prolific writer, but I do plan on adding some stuff to it occasionally.
Thomas LÝcke Rambling
This is my blogspot blog. The stuff I write about code is dumped here.
My GitHub Page
This is where my code is at. Or at least the public stuff. The things I build for Responsum K/S are so domain specific, that it wouldn't make any kind of sense to put them on the web. You'll mostly find Ada code here, with a sprinkle of Dart and perhaps also a bit of Haskell.
My Twitter stream is not extremely busy, but I do post the occassional URL about this or that.

So there you have it. Enjoy! Or don't. Your call.

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